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If you are ready to start to Apostille your documents, please then complete our Apostille Application Form. This will allow you to have your documents checked by one of our legalisation consultants after being uploaded. The form will also tell you if you require the information to be notarised also. You can also upload multiple documents.

We offer an 24 hour and next day service as we visit the FCO consular offices on a daily basis. Once you have completed the form, you will receive an automatic confirmation with code and sending instructions.

The form also gives you the option to utilise our notarisation services as well in case you require one. These are often within 24 hours, and in central London.

Should you have any queries before, during or after completing the online Apostille form, then please email or call one of our team members.

A pricing overview can be seen via our homepage.

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Complete order form with instructions for each document
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Quite simply, it is a certificate issued by the FCO that is attached to a document which is required to be presented to another country. It is often recognized with a red stamp, and validates the authenticity of the original document so it can be used.

Want more information on the apostille, including countries in the Hague convention, then see our Apostille page for more information.

If the country you are sending the information to is apart of the 83 countries in the Hague conversion, then this is the best way for the document to be legalised.

If the document however is not one that is readily available in the public domain, then it must be notarized.

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