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Kuwait Embassy Legalisation

There are 3 main steps to getting your documents attested by the embassy


RLS will have your document stamped by a solicitor. There is a list of documents that do not need to be stamped, please see a list of the documents.

British Foreign Ministry

The stamped document will then be taken to the FCO office for official stamping

Embassy Attestation

Lastly, the document will be taken to the embassy in London for attestation and returned back

Documents not requiring solicitor authorisation stamping:
  • UK Birth Certificate
  • UK Marriage Certificate
  • UK Police Clearance Certificate (ACRO only)
  • UK Death Certificate
  • UK Medical Report signed by a UK Doctor

Delivery Options

Upon completion of the order form and checking the documents with us, please send via special delivery the items to us, or feel free to drop them off to our Piccadilly based office.

For more information, please see the information below:

Section 1: Kuwait Embassy London Legalization UK

Predominantly an oil-based economy, Kuwait accounts for more than 5% of the proven oil reserves in the world. According to its GDP, Kuwait is the 5th richest country in the world. The UK has strong ties with Kuwait, which is one of its largest trading partners.

More than 100 UK companies, including Shell, PwC, Harvey Nichols, BP, Amec, Atkins, Boots, etc., have offices in Kuwait. A stable regime, free trade zone, close proximity to other Gulf countries, widely-spoken English, young population and a friendly environment for UK nationals are some of the key reasons why UK businesses look towards Kuwait.

However, to conduct business, seek employment or higher education in Kuwait, you will need Kuwait Embassy attestation on relevant documents for them to be accepted by Kuwaiti officials. Such documents can be legalised Kuwait Embassy, located in Knightsbridge, near one of the entrances to Hyde Park, Albert Gate, in London. You will need to visit the Kuwait embassy during its working hours for document legalisation.

Section 2: General Queries About Kuwait Embassy London Legalization UK

1. Why Do UK Documents Need Attestation to be used in Kuwait?

Kuwait is a major business partner of UK. The However, to use business documents in Kuwait, they need to be attested at the Kuwait Embassy in London, since the country is not part of the Hague Apostille Convention. It therefore requires Kuwait consular legalization.Such legalisation proves the authenticity of the document and the signatures on it. However, certificate attestation at the Kuwait Embassy is a tedious process, especially if you are doing it for the first time.

2. What Information is Required to Get Your UK Documents Legalised for Kuwait?

To get business documents legalised, you have to submit the originals to the embassy in London. However, the procedure of the Kuwait embassy attestation can be difficult for many. To reduce the hassle, it is best to hire a trusted and experienced firm, such as Rapid Legalisation Services (RLS), which will complete the process on your behalf. They will ensure that all the relevant steps needed for document attestation are completed at the Kuwait embassy. After the documents have been attested, the service ships the documents back to you at your preferred address.

3. Why Would You Require Kuwait Embassy Legalisation of UK Documents?

To work in Kuwait, a UK citizen may have to get their qualifications and academic certificates attested. Such attestation can only be done by The Kuwait Embassy in London, UK. Sometimes, you may also need to legalise or attest your birth certificate or power of attorney, when handling personal matters in Kuwait. Kuwait legalisation services can be the best option to legalise UK documents with the embassy.

Additional FAQs

Rapid Legalisation Services is a one-stop destination for all UK document legalisation at the Kuwait embassy in London. Their service is unrivalled in the market. RLS ensures that all client information is kept confidential and enquires are processed with the utmost accuracy in the quickest possible time.

Kuwait is not a member of the Hague Convention. Therefore, UK documents don’t require an apostille stamp to be accepted as legal. They require consular legalisation at the Kuwait Embassy in London. Rapid Legalisation Services is an affordable and effective legalisation service that ensures prompt and convenient services.

UK documents to be presented in Kuwait need to be submitted at the Kuwait embassy in London for attestation. However, the process is easier said than done. To ensure compliance with all country-specific regulations and a hassle-free experience, enlist the services of a trusted legalisation service like RLS.

The process of consular attestation for UK documents requires certain stamps and signatures from the Kuwait Embassy in London. This provides proof of the document’s authenticity. The process for this can be completed in three easy steps with RLS:

Step 1: Order consular attestation online

Step 2: RLS gets each document attested by the Kuwait Embassy

Step 3: The attested document is issued and delivered back to you.

The time taken to get a UK document legalised depends on the time taken by a specific embassy process the document and issue the stamp. With Rapid Legalisation Services, the time-consuming process of UK document attestation at the Kuwait embassy can be completed and the document delivered to your doorstep in just 4 days.

The cost of UK documents attestation includes the Kuwait embassy attestation charges plus taxes. RLS charges £138, which is inclusive of the FCO fee of £30 and VAT of £18, per document.

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