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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Rapid Legalisation Services

Rapid Visa Company adhered to your confidentiality. We commit to you to protect any personal information you give to us. For reference, this Privacy Policy refers to the variety of brands that the website owns as “we,” “us,” and “our.” By navigating this website, you adhere to the Privacy Policy listed here, known here on as “the website.” The Privacy Policy is listed on this page. The Privacy Policy here gives you more information about how we protect your personal information when you access this site. This applies no matter how you access the site, where you access the site from, and how you give out your personal information, whether it’s through the phone, post, or email. We process and gather personal information in accordance with Data Protection. For your convenience, we’ve divided the Privacy Policy in the sections below so that you can easily navigate specific sections.

  • About us and what you need to know
  • Information that is collected
  • How the collected information is used
  • Compliance Statements by Rapid Visas’ EU GDPR
  • Responsibilities for transfers moving forward
  • How information is collected
  • How your information is protected by Rapid Visas
  • Correction and access to data
  • Opting out from our communication channels
  • Length of time we keep your information
  • Contact us
  • Other links
  • Failure to give information and the consequences
  • Disclaimers

We have the right, based on our proper judgement, to remove or modify sections of this Privacy Policy during any given time. This Privacy Policy applies to this website, along with other conditions and terms. We are not accountable for other third-party sites that are linked to ours, since they are still not ours. We are aware of how important it is to protect the information that we collect via our site for our visitors. The Privacy Policy listed here is revised often, and your commentary and feedback is very important to us.

About us and what you need to know

Aim of the Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy here seeks to provide you with information on how your personal information is collected and processed by Rapid Visas. This pertains to all data you might give through the site or other means, such as by phone or mail, and data given when you ask about passport services or visas or make a purchase, sign up for the newsletter, and partake in promotions or competitions.

This site is meant for adults only (18+). The only time where we gather information from children is when an application pertaining to a passport or visa service applies to a person under 18.

Please read this Privacy Policy along with Privacy Notice or Fair Processing Notice that we give on certain occasion that we gather or process your personal information. It is important that you do this so that you know why and how your information is being gathered and used. The Privacy Policy here is meant to supplement additional notices and is not meant to cancel them out.

Information that is collected

Rapid Visa collects private information from email, text messages, Online Visa Assessments, and data collecting forms on our site. Our site enables cookies to track the location of each visitor when arriving at our site. This is used for visitors that arrive from affiliated websites or other intentional sources on the internet. Access to every page is logged in our filed. These log files are looked at every month to see how calculate the number of visitors at Rapid Visa, which pages they spent the most time in, and from where they came to the site. The information gathered is not distributed to anyone that is outside Rapid Visa.

How the collected information is used

The private information that you give on our website is never distributed, and only used for the reasons submitted, unless you provide written authority. Correspondence duplicates sent out from this site that has personal data is archived for backup and record-keeping only.

When you complete the Online Assessment, you give permission for Rapid Visa to contact you for future marketing campaigns only. These come in the form of email, phone calls, mail, text messaging, and other formats.

In order to lawfully protect your privacy, Rapid Visa cannot give our your private information to any third-party that asks us, even if this is done on your behalf. This applies to family members as well. Your information will only be given out if you give us consent.

We also use the collected information to share with other companies that we work with for immigration and visa related services. The EU GDPR gives out the requirements for sharing data. These requirements are listed below.

  • For the purpose of improving our goods and services, give better customer service, and spot new market opportunities.
  • For the required response, by law, to the demand from a government agency that complies with governmental security and needs of law enforcement agencies

Compliance Statements by Rapid Visas’ EU GDPR

Rapid Visa is adamant about the protection of the security and privacy of your personal data. We use the information you provide us through Rapid Visa to give you the most favorable experience with our goods and services. We work with a Global Privacy Program that is dedicated to protecting all the personal data collected through our site. They also help make sure that the personal data collected is properly handled around the world. These rights are given to Rapid Visa when you place your order:

  • Rights to gather your personal data
  • Rights to process your personal data
  • Rights to distribute your personal data with other government bodies and 3rd-party organizations on an as-needed basis. This includes application centers for visas, authorities of government, companies that deal with logistics, invitation providers, and/or solicitors and translators that pertain to your service and request.

You have the right to refuse consent whenever. However, we legally do not lean on your consent except for the use of your personal information for marketing and direct marketing via phone, email, snail mail, or texts. You can contact us and opt-out of our marketing communications at any moment.

Responsibilities for transfers moving forward

If, in any event, Rapid Visa moves the personal information referred to by the Privacy Policy to a regulating third-party, this will be don according to notice given to the parties involved in the pertaining data. If the parties involve consent and the third-party has provided Rapid Visa with a guarantee in the form of a contract, the following will occur:

  • Personal information for very specific instances will be treated in agreement with the involved party’s consent to the given data;
  • The third-party will have the same protection-level to your data that we do. If they cannot adhere, we will be notified; and
  • If the decision is made and they cannot offer the same level of protection, we will stop processing the personal information and take measures to fix such a situation. If it comes to our attention that a third-party that acts as regulator does not handle the personal information referred to in this Privacy Policy in accordance with said policy, we will take measures to stop and prevent the processing.

Rapid Visas will only pass over the personal information protected by this privacy policy to Rapid Visa agents. The agents are required to provide the service or product requested. Rapid Visas requirements for agents include:

  • Processing of personal information by the agent for specific and limited purposes;
  • Equal level of privacy protection by the agent
  • Appropriate and reasonable steps taken to make sure that the agent is acting in accordance to the Privacy Policy, and personal information is being processed in a manner that is consistent with Rapid Visas’ obligations.
  • Notification to Rapid Visas if the agent finds out that they cannot oblige the protection level stated by the Privacy Policy here.

As soon as we receive a notification from an agent giving notice that they can’t uphold the needs required by this Privacy Policy, we will take the correct steps to put an end to the processing that is not authorized.

We do our best to make sure that the privacy, integrity, and security of the personal data given on our website, and we look over and make updates to our measures of security with the current technological landscape in mine. However, given the constant updates in the technological landscape, the information provided on the Internet cannot be guaranteed to be kept secure. However, we will do our best to make sure we take all the steps needed to provide protection to your personal data you give us through our website and services. When do receive your data, we do our best to keep its security within our systems.

How information is collected

We have two ways that we collect your data, and these include:

  • Direct methods: these are collected when you provide your contact, identity, and financial data in our forms, or by talking to us via phone, mail, email, or another method. This refers to the personal information you give us when you:
  • Submit an application or question for passport or visa services
  • Make an account on our site
  • Add yourself as a subscriber to our publications and newsletters
  • Ask for marketing
  • Enter a promotion, survey, or competition
  • Provide feedback
  • Automated methods: when you use our site, technical information about what equipment you are using, and your browsing movements might be automatically gathered. This type of data is collected through the use of server logs, cookies, or other technologies.

How your information is protected by Rapid Visas

The necessary security measures have been put in place to make sure your private information is not lost accidentally, accessed or used in a way that is not authorized, changed, or divulged. We also limit the access employees, contractors, or agents can have to your data, as well as the access for third parties who need some of the data. They can only see your data on our terms and are subject to confidentiality.

We have procedures in order to address any suspicions of data breach and we will give you notice about any potential breaches whenever we are legally mandated to. We also have organizational and technical precautions (including complicity with industry standards) in the prevention of misuse, loss, or non-authorized changes to your private information. That said, nothing on the internet is one hundred percent secure, and although we do our best to ensure that your personal information is protected, we cannot guarantee this.

Correction and access to data

You can access and make requests to correct any of the personal information that we have of you. The website allows you to change, update, and access your private information for Rapid Visas. Another option to make changes to your personal information is to call our dedicated Customer Service team at 0845-224-9482. If you have already received a visa and would like to change the information on that visa, you can do so through our Rapid Visa Online Service Center.

Opting out from our communication channels

Users can choose to stop receiving communications from us upon request. They can do so by contacting info@rapid-legalisation.co.uk or by calling 0845-224-9482.

If our data collection, use, and distribution of your privacy information is outside of what is covered in this Privacy Policy, you have the option to opt in to receive the particular service or opt out.

Length of time we keep your information

Your personal information is kept only as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purposes it was collected for. These purposes can include to fulfil any reporting, accounting, or legal requirements.

We consider the quantity, sensitivity, and nature of the personal information given to us, as well as the harm or risk of non-authorized disclosure or use of your personal information. We weight this against the reasons the personal information is being processed for, and whether this information is absolutely necessary, and the legality requirements. From there, we decide how long the information is retained.

Details of how long the personal data you provide is retained for different uses is outlined below:

For people that apply to passports and visas, we keep your information for six years or for however long the passport or visa you applied for is valid. Whichever serves the longest period between the passport or visa is the one that marks the length of validity.

For questions about visa or passport services, we hold you information until after your travel date.

By law, we are also required to keep our customer’s information regarding identity, contact, and transaction and financial data for six years after they stop requesting our services for tax implications.

There are times when customers can ask us to erase their data. To do so, see Request Erasure (below) for more information.

There are times when we make your data anonymous, and thus no longer related to you, for statistical or research reasons. If that is the case, we can use this information indefinitely without provided you any notice.

Contact us

If our customers have any questions about the Privacy Policy outlines here, they can contact Rapid Visas directly through Customer Care. Customer Care can be reached by email at info@rapid-legalisation.co.uk or by phone at 0845-224-9482. Our Customer Care will take care of answering any questions you might have.

Other links

The Privacy Policy outlined here only pertains to the www.rapid-legalisation.co.uk. Other third-party links on this site aren’t covered by this Privacy Policy.

Failure to give information and the consequences

If for any reason you are unable to provide your personal data, we might not be able to fulfil your request of provide goods and services.


The internet provides security risks, along with the communication done through it and the applications used. Rapid Visas is not responsible for losses or damages, whether done directly or indirectly, whether they are consequential or incidental, punitive or special, that come from the non-authorized change, deletions, exposure, and use of the information provided. This pertains to whether it is confidential or non-confidencial, unauthorized accesses to the system, or other security breaches or system failures. Warranties that pertain to software or hardware used to grant security and hold up this website, including warranties that are implied, fit for a specific reason or not, direct, special, or damages with consequences, are not claimed by Rapid Visas. All employees and officers of Rapid Visas, as well as affiliates, partners, successors, assigns, subsidiaries, and third-party agents cannot, indirectly or directly, be held responsible to you of any other customer for misuse, inaccuracy, errors, viruses, hackers, and outsider interceptions that cause the deletion of data or services. These include but are not limited to the delivery and transmission of services.


By continuing to use this site and its services you are agreeing to the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions. You are in agreement with the terms that come with the use of the website and the services provided, and you are in agreement with the terms that mandate the information you and other Rapid Visas users give us. Do not use this site if you cannot agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the Privacy Policy.