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Egypt Embassy Legalisation

There are 3 main steps to getting your documents attested by the embassy


RLS will have your document stamped by a solicitor. There is a list of documents that do not need to be stamped, please see a list of the documents.

British Foreign Ministry

The stamped document will then be taken to the FCO office for official stamping

Embassy Attestation

Lastly, the document will be taken to the embassy in London for attestation and returned back

Documents not requiring solicitor authorisation stamping:
  • UK Birth Certificate
  • UK Marriage Certificate
  • UK Police Clearance Certificate (ACRO only)
  • UK Death Certificate
  • UK Medical Report signed by a UK Doctor
Institutions Services No. of Document(s) / Applicant(s) Price (per document)
FCO Apostille & Embassy Legalisation 4 - 5 Working Days 1 Items £292.00
FCO Apostille & Embassy Legalisation 4 - 5 Working Days 2-3 Items £242.00
FCO Apostille & Embassy Legalisation 4 - 5 Working Days 3+ Items £212.00
FCO Apostille + ABCC (Arab British Chamber of Commerce) + Embassy Legalisation 4 - 5 Working Days 1 Items £510.00
FCO Apostille + ABCC (Arab British Chamber of Commerce) + Embassy Legalisation 4 - 5 Working Days 2-3 Items £485.00
FCO Apostille + ABCC (Arab British Chamber of Commerce) + Embassy Legalisation 4 - 5 Working Days 3+ Items £470.00
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Delivery Options

Upon completion of the order form and checking the documents with us, please send via special delivery the items to us, or feel free to drop them off to our Piccadilly based office.

For more information, please see the information below:

Section 1: Egypt Embassy London Legalization UK

Did you know that Egypt is one of the most diversified and developed economies in the Middle East? The country’s economy has seen significant improvement in recent years, with a year on year GDP growth. Major economic reforms have attracted foreign investments, with GDP growth averaging 4.07% between 1992 and 2017, according to Trading Economics.

Mesmerising the visitors from across the world with its enigmatic pyramids, breath-taking beaches, and interesting local culture, Egypt is not just a great tourist destination but a good place to work as well. Cairo is home to a vast variety of national and international businesses. The country offers a plethora of opportunities for start-ups too.

If you are looking to enter a new industry, further your career, or simply expand your existing business, Egypt can definitely be your next destination. However, for all this, you might need to get your UK documents legalised for use in Egypt.

So, how to get Egypt Embassy attestation? Egypt is not a member of Hague Convention, so only an apostille stamp will not do. The documents will need needed attestation by the Egyptian Embassy in the UK, located in London.

Section 2: General Queries About Egypt Embassy London Legalization UK

1. Why Do UK Documents Need Attestation to be Used in Egypt?

When people travel to Egypt to conduct business or settle personal matters, they are required to submit certain attested documents. The documents need to be attested by the Egyptian Consulate in London for them to be accepted by the Egyptian authorities. However, before Egypt consular legalisation, the document requires an apostille attached to it by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO).

The procedure for attestation of various documents has been clearly defined by the Egypt Chamber of Commerce. However, the process can be quite tedious and can take days, due to unaddressed mistakes that can cause delays.

This is where a reliable and experienced agency, such as Rapid Legalisation Services, with ties to relevant authorities, can help make the process smooth and hassle-free.

2. What Information is Required to Get Your UK Documents Legalised for Egypt?

The procedure of UK document legalization/attestation for use in Egypt starts by filing an application form at the Egypt embassy. Then, the applicant needs to pay the embassy attestation fees to proceed.

However, to proceed with certificate attestation at the Egypt Embassy, the document must have an apostille stamp from the FCO. And even before that, the document must be checked prior to processing to avoid any delays. Unlike some countries, documents to be used in Egypt don’t require Chamber of Commerce attestation.

3. For What Situations Will I Require Egypt Embassy Legalisation of UK Documents?

British nationals moving to Egypt for work or business will be asked for attested documents. Attested documents prove the authenticity of the information mentioned in them and the signatures. This works to strengthen the trust of the Egyptian authorities on the UK national and smoothen the process.

Legalisation of documents at the Egypt Embassy in London is also required for a visa and to open bank accounts in Egypt. It also helps an Egyptian resident who is returning to their home country after completing their education in the UK.

4. How to Legalise UK Documents for Use in Egypt?

The procedure of official certification of UK documents for use in Egypt is completed in different stages, including document check, solicitor certification, the addition of UK apostille and lastly submitting the documents at the Egyptian embassy for stamping to complete the attestation process. Missing any one of the steps can cause delays or can cease the process entirely.

With Rapid Legalisation Service (RLS), the process Egypt Embassy London legalisation can be completed in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Fill the Order Form online & pay the Egypt embassy attestation fees

Step 2: RLS will ensure that all the steps are followed and that attestation is completed in the shortest possible timeframe.

Step 3: The attested document is delivered back to you, at your preferred address.

Additional FAQs

You can get your UK documents legalised for use in Egypt with Rapid Legalisation Services. Their offer a quick, efficient and seamless experience. Here is a list of services offered by RLS as part of document legalisation by the Egyptian embassy:

  • Document check, prior to processing
  • Solicitor certification (if required)
  • UK FCO apostille certification
  • Egypt Embassy attestation

UK documents require Egypt Embassy attestation. However, it is important that the documents are checked and even certified by a solicitor if needed. The next and most important step is getting an apostille certificate for the documents, without the Egypt Embassy will not attest the document. To simplify things, you can choose RLS to complete the process on your behalf.

RLS offer quick and hassle-free document legalisation by the Egypt Embassy in London. The time taken will depend on the service package chosen:

  • Apostille same-day service
  • Apostille 2-day service
  • Egypt Consular Legalisation (1-4 days)

The cost of the Vietnam Embassy, London, legalisation depends on the service type chosen:

  • Apostille Same–Day Service: £135 (FCO Fees £75 and VAT £10)
  • Apostille 2-Day Service: £78 (FCO Fees £30 and VAT £8)
  • Consular legalisation: £138 (FCO Fees £30 and VAT £18)

(Note: This is the cost of attestation of one degree certificate or document for Egypt and includes Egypt Embassy attestation charges.)

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