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Notary Services

Services provided by a notary

Legal documents are essential in today’s society. These documents are of different importance and type, but they all provide the needed validation that the person that has the paperwork is seeking, no matter the reason. Hence, a person cannot take lightly the steps and processes that will help them enforce the validity and legality of the papers they carry. A service given by a notary and other approved legal establishments are hence important, since they help the people legalize and validate their papers to prove that they are real.

Do notice that we are not notaries, and do not have the authority to act as notaries. We only partner with notaries and help give you their services.

When do I need to use a notary?

You might be asking yourself what a notary is and what their service means. In simple terms, notarial services help claim that a certain document is real. This form of verification is referred to a notarized document. The notary is a legal entity. Normally, they are given license by an attorney. Essentially, they vouch for the claims and statements in a document. This allows the side that is receiving such documents to know that the person that is providing the documents are who they say they are, and that the statements in that document are true. Getting documents notarized is common all throughout the world, so acquiring an legal piece of paper that is authenticated is actually fairly accessible to the general citizen.

Documents that may need notarial services:

  • Real estate

    this is the most widely-used service that requires notarial services. Validating contrals and legal paperwork that have to do with real estate is the most wide-know practice that needs validity and legality. These papers includes land tax certifications, estate tax declarations, ownership certificates, titles, and any other documents that pertain to property and land. Authentication of such documents is essential for both sides dealing in real estate transactions, particularly when it comes to purchasing and selling property.
  • Deeds,

    deeds that involve sales, trust, claim, and other kinds are also examples of documents that will need notarization. Deeds are written papers that pass, give, or affirm property from one entity to another. Since these involve legal steps, the validity of the documents are essential.
  • Power of attorney

    these are legal written papers that allow a person to select a representative (also known as an “attorney in fact” or “agent”, to deal with their financial, personal, heath, and legal dealings. The selected representative can also comprise of the representative’s business, if for some reason they are not available and cannot personally address these dealings. Essentially, they are “letters of appointment” or “letters of authorization” that need to be validation by a notary so that they are no questions that will pertain to the legality of such a designation.
  • Affidavit

    affidavits of loss and claim also require notarization services. Banks specifically will need a loss affidavit that is notarized to issue a new ATM card if the user loses it.
  • Overseas businesses

    all transactions that pertain to businesses overseas are better processes with contracts, and thus all transactions for business need to be handled legally. International dealings that are large and involve multi-million companies need to ensure that their papers are notarized an valid before they can undergo any transaction. Then, the authorized representatives can take a look at all the documents before doling advice to their clients about any kind of deal.

Ensure that you go through the services of qualified notary publics that provide a wide-range of these

Notarial services are popular practices most places practice. They allow documents to be legal and remain so. Before seeking such services, however, it is important to do your research on the places that offer such services. Some things you should look for is a place that minimizes fees and allows you to go through all the steps through them, instead of through multiple agencies. This makes things more convenient and keeps fees low. It also allows you to only keep tabs on one situation to verify the legality of the practice. If not, keeping tabs on different legal practices is hard, and you might find yourself paying multiple fees. Thus, you want to make sure that the service you are going through not only provides notarial services, but also legal counsel.

Services that include Legalisation, apostille, and notarization

More often than not, places that want to adhere to a persona’s particular needs will also offer general legal assistances. The most common types of legal assistance, in order of popularity, are notarizations, Legalisation, and apostille services. As previously mentioned, notarial services authenticate documents and confirm legal deeds and other matters at a local level, which makes them more popular. On the other hand, apostille and Legalisation services are necessary when dealing with matters abroad. Documents that are generated in the UK will need an apostille attached when presented in another country that participated in the Hague conference. These kind of apostille attachments and Legalisation services are dealt with by a government authority, such as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (also known as the FCO).

Documents that need notarization before undergoing Legalisation:

  • Copies that do not contain stamps of signatures of legal documents
  • Papers issued by individuals
  • Grades given by a required school
  • Marriage certificates
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) invoices and certificates