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Apostille Marriage Certificate UK

Apostille a marriage certificate in 3 easy steps.

In order to apostille a marriage certificate, you simply need to follow the 3 basic services as described below. You have the option of have us apostille your document only after the document is solicitor certified/notarised yourself, or alternatively you can also send us your original documents, we can take a copy, have it certified by a solicitor and go onto apostille it at the FCO office. We can offer a 2 day or same day service.

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If you require us to certify the original, or a photocopied version to be solicitor certified, then please let us know. Please note we would require the original anyway.

Upon receipt of the documents, we will then have the document certified by our solicitor and then apostilled at the FCO accordingly after this and returned straight back to you

Institutions Services No. of Document(s) / Applicant(s) Price (per document)
FCO Apostille Only 2 - 3 Working Days 1 Items £230.00
FCO Apostille Only 2 - 3 Working Days 2 Items £162.50
FCO Apostille Only 2 - 3 Working Days 3 Items £140.00
FCO Apostille Only 3 - 4 Working Days 1 Items £200.00
FCO Apostille Only 3 - 4 Working Days 2-3 Items £145.00
FCO Apostille Only 3 - 4 Working Days 3+ Items £125.00
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For more information about Apostilling a marriage certificate, please read below where we have the most common questions answered.

Section 1: Marriage Certificate Apostille

You can get married in the UK if you are 16 years or more and free to marry (single, widowed or divorced). Or you could enter a civil partnership with another (only for same-sex couples), and not closely related.

To register your marriage, you first have to submit a notice at your local register office and then conduct a civil or religious ceremony. This notice will be displayed for 28 days at the register office. Once this period is over, you are free to marry.

Your marriage certificate has to be legalised before it can be made available for international use. For countries that are members of the Hague Convention, a marriage certificate is legalised with an apostille stamp.

An Apostille stamp is an official certificate that attests to the authenticity of the document for legal use, within and outside the UK. The Apostille marriage certificate attestation confirms that your marriage certificate is genuine and can be accepted for use in other countries.

Here are some situations where you may have to validate a marriage certificate with an apostille:

  • Proof of marriage to confirm employment overseas
  • Registering a marriage overseas
  • Execution of a will
  • Purchasing/selling property and estates overseas
  • Obtaining overseas citizenship and other visa requirements.

Section 2: General Queries about Apostilled Marriage Certificate

1. Why is an Apostille required on a Marriage Certificate?

If you plan to reside overseas with your spouse, the overseas authorities processing your visa, employment and other details may require you to submit an apostilled marriage certificate as proof of marriage. The UK apostille on your marriage certificate affirms that the document is genuine and all signatures on it are authentic. Without the certificate of Apostille for marriage, your marriage might not be recognised overseas.

2. What Information is required to Get Your Marriage Certificate Apostilled?

To obtain an apostille for your marriage certificate in the UK, you need to provide:

  • The original or a copy of your marriage certificate. You can either submit it in person or send a scanned copy via email. Although a copy of your marriage certificate could be sufficient for an apostille stamp, most countries require you to submit the original.
  • Contact details, such as your mobile number and email address, which are required in case you need to be contacted by the Apostille issuing body at any point.
  • Your postal address, to send the apostilled document back to you.

Apart from this, you will have to pay a fee for apostille marriage certificate attestation in London.

3. In What Situations Will I Require an Apostille Marriage Certificate?

If you plan to reside overseas with your partner, you will need to provide an apostille marriage certificate to the embassy for a visa and to other government bodies in your home country. Other common situations where a marriage certificate apostille is required include:

  • Applying for dual citizenship
  • Working in another country
  • Residing with your spouse in another country
  • Visiting your spouse, who is living in another country
  • Purchasing/selling property overseas, jointly with your spouse
  • Death of spouse while overseas
  • Registering your marriage overseas
  • Will and other inheritance settlements overseas

Simply put, the apostille stamp authorises your marriage certificate overseas.

4.How to Apostille a Marriage Certificate in the UK?

With Rapid Legalisation Services (RLS), the process to apostille a marriage certificate in the UK can be completed in three easy steps:

Step 1: Order your Apostille online marriage certificate by completing the application form online and paying the fees.

Step 2: Send the scanned copy or original of your marriage certificate to RLS, which will then complete the apostille process on your behalf.

Step 3: RLS will deliver the apostilled document back to you.

Additional FAQs

Apostille certification of UK documents is done by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) of the UK government. If this is the first time you are getting a document apostilled, it could be a tedious task to coordinate with the FCO on your own. The best course of action is to enlist the services of a reliable legalisation service, such as Rapid Legalisation Services, which is known for its quick and efficient process to apostille marriage certificates in London.

According to the Hague Apostille Convention signed in 1961, an apostille stamp can only be issued by an authorised agency. In the UK, the FCO is authorised to issue apostille certification. To simplify the process of getting a document apostilled, RLS offers quick and efficient services for marriage certificate attestation in London.

The time taken to get a marriage certificate apostille in the UK largely depends on the type of service chosen. With RLS, you can opt for:

  • Same-day service
  • 2-day service

The cost to validate a marriage certificate, based on the service type chosen:

  • Same-day service: £135 (FCO fee £75 + VAT £10)
  • Two-day service: £78 (FCO fee £30 + VAT £8).
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