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Notary Public

Our Notary Public provides different kinds of services to customers gathering paperwork to use abroad, whether it’s for business or personal reasons.

A notary public provides aunthentication for paperwork that is intended to be used overseas. Part of their range or duties is to confirm that the individual signing the paperwork is indeed who they say they are, and that the personal information they provide does indeed pertain to them. For this reason, all customers have to provide identification and address verification to attach to the files they submit to us.


notary services

  • Document confirmations
  • A certificate from the notary that confirms that the signatures and documents are authentic
  • A statement written under pledge
  • Validation of marriage, birth, and death certificates
  • Powers of attorney
  • Authentication of wills generated abroad
  • Transaction confirmations
  • Translations of documents that are not in English into English, and vice versa

Do notice that we are not notaries, and do not have the authority to act as notaries. We only partner with notaries and help give you their services. Read more about the services provides by a Notary.