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Embassy Legalisations

The list of countries below do not belong in the Hague Convention. Therefore quite often is the case that if you are needing to use documents administered in the UK then you will require the document to be legalised/ratified from the respective embassy, the embassy will need to legalise the document.

  • Qatar Attestation
  • Iraq Attestation
  • Kuwait Attestation
  • Lebanon Attestation
  • Saudi Arabia Attestation
  • Egypt Attestation
  • Jordan Attestation
  • Vietnam Attestation
  • UAE Attestation
  • Philippines Attestation
  • Algeria Attestation
  • Chinese Attestation
  • Thailand Attestation

What do you need to legalise a document?

Before a document is legalised, there are two steps required before hand. You are required to notarise the document then have it apostilled.

Following it being apostilled, it is then taken for embassy legalisation. We advise using the process as below:

Step 1

Call us to confirm whether your documents need to only be notarised, apostilled, legalised, or all of them.

Step 2

We will consult you on preparation of the respective steps which we will advise you on.

Step 3

Send the information to us, and we will have it apostilled accordingly.