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HMRC Certificate of Residence Apostille

Apostille an HMRC Certificate of Residence in 3 easy steps.

In order to apostille an HMRC Certificate of Residence, you simply need to follow the 3 basic services as described below. You have the option of have us apostille your document only after the document is solicitor certified/notarised yourself, or alternatively you can also send us your original documents, we can take a copy, have it certified by a solicitor and go onto apostille it at the FCO office. We can offer a 2 day or same day service.

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If you require us to certify the original, or a photocopied version to be solicitor certified, then please let us know. Please note we would require the original anyway.

Upon receipt of the documents, we will then have the document certified by our solicitor and then apostilled at the FCO accordingly after this and returned straight back to you

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FCO Apostille Only 3 - 4 Working Days 2-3 Items £145.00
FCO Apostille Only 3 - 4 Working Days 3+ Items £125.00
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For more information about Apostilling an HMRC Certificate of Residence, please read below where we have the most common questions answered.

Section 1: HMRC Certificate of Residence Apostille UK

In the UK, when someone says, “the tax man” or “the tax office,” they are referring to the HMRC or Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs department. The HMRC is a government department that collects taxes from UK citizens. Headquartered in London, more than 55,000 employees work for the department.

Sometimes, companies and partnerships need to prove that their organisation is located in the UK for tax purposes. For this, they need to contact the HMRC for a certificate of residence for tax purposes. The HMRC provides UK citizens with an official document, known as a “certificate of residence.” To obtain this certificate, a company will need to fill an online form, published by the HMRC. This certificate is often applied for when the UK has a double taxation treaty with another country, for which the certificate of residence is required.

Double taxation between two countries is a situation where a UK citizen is subjected to taxes on same capital or income in more than one country. The format for the certificate of residence saves the UK resident from having to paying taxes across two different jurisdictions.

The certificate of residence issued by the HMRC has a typical format, which includes the company’s name and its registered address in the UK. The certificate proves that the company is registered according to a specific tax treaty or tax residency in the UK.

However, to present this document in countries outside the UK, you will need to get it apostilled. An apostille on a document certifies its authenticity.

Section 2: General Queries about HMRC Certificate of Residence

1. Why is an Apostille Required for HMRC Certificate of Residence?

The UK’s tax authority, HM Revenue and Customs, issues a “certificate” of residency to companies to prove that they are UK residents for corporate tax. This letter is often requested for by one of the company’s directors, to gain eligibility for tax relief for double taxation treaties that exist between the UK and another country. In recent years, a large number of EU citizens have been known to move between countries. This has increased the number of requests for certificates of residency from the HMRC. The residency confirmation letter needs to be legalised with an apostille stamp in order to prove its authenticity.

2. What information is required to get your HMRC Certificate of Residence apostilled?

An apostille is mostly issued on the original certificate of residency. The apostille stamp serves as verification of the signature of the HMRC official who issued the certificate of tax residence. If the tax authority of the country requesting the document accepts a copy, you might need to get the copy certified by a solicitor and then get an apostille issued.

The process of getting an apostille issued on the certificate of fiscal residence requires you to make an online purchase of the desired apostille service. You then need to send the original document to the apostille service, which can get the certificate apostilled in just 1-2 days, depending on the kind of service you choose.

3. Why would you require an apostille for an HMRC Certificate of Residence?

UK businesses that wish to conduct the trade outside their home country often request for Certificates of Residency from the local tax offices in the UK. The certificate of residence is basically a letter that confirms that the business is based in the UK. This is majorly helpful for taxation, proving that the company is not liable for any outstanding taxes in the UK. This provides the UK resident relief from certain taxes.

However, the HMRC tax certificate of residency requires an apostille stamp to prove that the signatures and the document are authentic. Although the apostille is issued to the original document, it can also be obtained for copies of the document, if accepted by another country.

4. What is the process for getting your HMRC Certificate of Residence apostilled with RLS?

RLS offers a very simple process of getting an apostille certificate for an HMRC Certificate of Residence in the UK. The process can be completed in three easy steps:

Step 1: Order Online: Fill an Apostille Application Form on the RLS website, selecting the document type, service type and name of the county the document is being apostilled for. Then upload the document with the order form.

Step 2: Certification: You will need to post and email the certificate of residency to RLS for the apostille. The team at RLS will get a certificate (often recognised with a red stamp) issued by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), which will be attached to the original (or copy) certificate of residency.

Step 3: Delivery: The apostilled document will be delivered back to within 24-48 hours, depending upon the type of service you choose.

Additional FAQs

Applying with Rapid Legalisation Services (RLS) is the easiest way to get an apostille you’re your HMRC certificate of residence. RLS offers fast, trustworthy and hassle-free legalisation services in the UK. All you need to do is send your HMRC certificate of residence to them by post or email and request for an apostille stamp in the UK. They have an expert team that will take on the responsibility of getting an apostille stamp and legalisation at the corresponding embassy in the quickest possible way.

To get an apostille HMRC certificate of residence, select a reliable legalisation service, like Rapid Legalisation Service, in the UK. Their multiple services include apostille services, FCO legalisation and notary services. RLS works in close association with the FCO and the London embassies. This makes the process of getting an apostille for the HMRC certificate of residency quick and hassle-free for you.

The time taken by the legalisation service to get an HMRC residency certificate apostille from the FCO and authenticated at a corresponding embassy varies, based on the type of service you choose. At RLS, you can choose from two types of apostille service:

  1. Apostille Same-Day Service
  2. Apostille 2-Day Service

The cost of Apostille HMRC Certificate of Residence or certificate of fiscal residence in the UK depends on the service type you choose. Depending on the type of service, which is based on time of delivery, the price to apostille one degree/diploma or any other document is:

  • Apostille Same-Day Service: £135 (FCO Fees £75 and VAT £10)
  • Apostille 2-Day Service: £78 (FCO Fees £30 and VAT £8)

The apostille on an HMRC certificate of residency is issued by the FCO and accepted by member countries of the Hague Convention. Documents are mostly accepted in their original form by the FCO, although copies are also accepted in some cases.

Yes, an apostilled HMRC tax certificate is a legal document for use outside the UK, recognised by every country across the globe, especially member states of the Hague Convention.

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