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Translation Services

We can help you find translation services that cater specifically to your needs.

Sometimes legal documents such as marriage or birth certificates, business documents, incorporation certificates, and association articles that are presented to official organizations, such as the Registry, court, passport offices, consulates, and other UK or abroad offices will require translation. In those cases, it is best to seek a certified translation done by a service that will verify the credentials of the translator and the translation accuracy.

The translation service that we use is backed by the Association of Translation Companies, or the ATC. The ATC is skilled and qualified in many languages including Italian, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, and Chinese. The ATC serves as an umbrella business that aims to give the best services in the translation business. Their membership is made up of providers with a high-competency level that has been evaluated and accessed to meet high expectations.

Our partnership with our translation service allows us to turn around certified translations that are urgent. We can often provide results within the same day, depending on the amount of text that needs translation.

If a certified translation needs to be used abroad, the document needs to be legalized. This is done at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, or the FCO, before being used outside the country. Our translation process includes this Legalisation, if. Needed.

Please make sure that the country for which you are requiring translation services for is part of the member countries from the Hague Convention. If not, the might be an additional process, which is to show the legalized documents to the country’s consulate in the UK for additional validation.

In addition to certified translations, we can also provide a soft translation given by email. If the document needs to be given to the FCO, we can also provide notarial services and have the translation notarized. Please send a scan of the document that needs to be translated along with the language it needs to be translated into to info@rapid-legalisation.co.uk. From there, we will give you a quote. Note that the translation service we partner with is a third-party organization. Rapid Visas does not belong to the ATC, and thus we do not directly have translators under our employment. Similarly, the notary we partner with is also a third-party, and thus we are not a regulated notary.

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