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Apostille FAQs

We don’t have solicitors or notaries at our company. In fact, we do not have the authorization or regulation to provide those services. We act as a liaison between you and the entity that will legalize your documents. What we do have is a close professional tie with law firms and notaries, which helps get you quick, professional, and smooth service.
Unfortunately, no. An apostille can only be issued for paper copies of public UK documents. The paperwork needs to contain the authentic seal or signature of an authorized official in the UK. Emails, copies, and replicas will not be accepted.
Given that everything is in good shape, we will compare the seal, stamp, or signature with one in our records to see if your documents can indeed be legalized. If we cannot find an example in our records, we will then need to reach out to the appropriate contact to confirm that the seal, stamp, or signature is authentic. The processing time may be longer if this step needs to be taken. After it is verified, we can get an apostille attached to your paperwork. An authorized officer will then sign the apostille. The apostille will also bear the stamp of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Your paperwork is sent back to you after that.
Your finished documents can be sent to whomever you chose. We just need written instructions at the time the document is sent to us with the recipient’s information. The finished documents will then be sent to that recipient, and you will also receive a copy as confirmation.
An apostille can be attached to most documents. Typically, documents are effected in the country that originate in. For example, a document from the UK will receive an apostille for the UK. Some exceptions may be allowed, so feel free to reach out to us for specific queries. In rare cases, documents cannot attach an apostille. I.e. a letter from your office at home pertaining to your authorization to do business in the UK can only be used in the US, and thus not processed.
The information needed is dependant on the origins. Things that happened in the last 60 years need every section on the application to be completed. Events that happened before 1958 only need the first and last name, birth date, and location (if possible). For common names, more information will sometime be asked for to make sure that the proper certificate is replicated. We can look back on a period of five years, but if you need us to search a wider period, we need additional details, and thus will reach out to you.
Yes. Sometimes, no intervention with a notary is necessary, and an authorized official will be able to grant their signature to the document.
Normally, lawyers in foreign courts will ask for an apostille when it called for. Sometimes, they will not ask for it because they assume that an apostille will be attached. Commercial papers recurrently need Apostilles and Powers of Attorney. It’s better to just have an apostille attached to be on the safe side.
We organize a broad spectrum of notary and Legalisation services. If you want an apostille or notary, or if you want your papers legalized through a consulate in the UK, we can provide our services to help you. Or work is easy and inexpensive. Our services for Legalisation are adaptable, so do not hesitate if you think your needs are outside the range of what is normal. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and tell us about your needs. We are happy to discuss.