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After documents are notarized, some jurisdictions require additional certification. More specifically, the Hague Apostille will need to be attached. This is done through the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, and oftentimes, legislation from the Consulate will be a requisite.

The Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement for Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents is also known as the Apostille convention, or the Apostille treaty. Outlined by the Hague Conference on Private International Law, it is an international treaty that stipulates how a legal document in one country can be legally validated in other countries. The countries involved are those that have consented to the aforementioned treaty. The certification is referred to as an apostille, which is the French word for it. The certification is analogous to a domestic notarization, only that it is applicable internationally.

We work with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the London embassies to arrange the Legalisation of documents. We have a partnership with entities with a close connection to the London Chamber of Commerce and the Arab British Chamber of Commerce. We deliver a unrivaled service, which includes client confidentiality and a team of couriers that store and collect documents with proficiency and handle processing inquiries with expertise. Persons and businesses can work with Rapid-Visas and partake in their services in the same manner. The service is quick, professional, and hassle-free for the client. The company is also flexible to a variety of needs. They have clients from the UK that seek services, as well as financial service providers or trust companies offshore that need legalized paperwork, like those associated with a obtaining a permission to work, embarking on holiday or business, or establishing a presence possessed by a registered company in the UK or a UK territory.

Despite the time-consuming process, London Legalisation Service offers affordable and effective service, which is a source of pride for the company. The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (“FCO”) accepts documents obtained in the UK in their original format. Copies are also accepted, but a Notary Public or authorized solicitor will need to validate the documents before these can be presented to the FCO. Business documents sourced in a dependent territory have to be notarized in that same territory. Confirmation through the Governor’s Office will need to be obtained before these can be submitted. Alternatively, the original papers can be sent to us. We will then have a UK solicitor corroborate the copies’ signature, which then the FCO sanctions. These are then submitted for authentication to the corresponding Embassy.

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