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Malaysia Embassy Legalisation

There are 3 main steps to getting your documents attested by the embassy


RLS will have your document stamped by a solicitor. There is a list of documents that do not need to be stamped, please see a list of the documents.

British Foreign Ministry

The stamped document will then be taken to the FCO office for official stamping

Embassy Attestation

Lastly, the document will be taken to the embassy in London for attestation and returned back

Documents not requiring solicitor authorisation stamping:
  • UK Birth Certificate
  • UK Marriage Certificate
  • UK Police Clearance Certificate (ACRO only)
  • UK Death Certificate
  • UK Medical Report signed by a UK Doctor
Institutions Services No. of Document(s) / Applicant(s) Price (per document)
FCO Apostille & Embassy Legalisation 3 - 4 Working Days 1 Items £245.00
FCO Apostille & Embassy Legalisation 3 - 4 Working Days 2-3 Items £195.00
FCO Apostille & Embassy Legalisation 3 - 4 Working Days 3+ Items £165.00
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Delivery Options

Upon completion of the order form and checking the documents with us, please send via special delivery the items to us, or feel free to drop them off to our Piccadilly based office.

For more information, please see the information below:

Section 1: Malaysia Embassy London Legalization UK

Did you know that Malaysia has the biggest roundabout in the world, nearly 3.5 km in diameter? This roundabout is located in Putrajaya, near the Prime Minister's office. Be it wildlife, tea plantations, diving or exploring spectacular modern architecture, Malaysia offers you a plethora of reasons to plan a visit.

Malaysia is an emerging market in Asia, offering a large number of business opportunities for locals and foreign nationals alike. UK nationals don’t usually need a visa to visit Malaysia. You are allowed to stay in the country for 3 months on arrival. However, you need to submit legalised business documents if you are in the country to work or for business. The legalisation of UK documents for use overseas is known as attestation. Attestation usually takes place at the London embassy of the specific country where the documents need to be presented.

So, if you are visiting Malaysia, you would require legalisation of documents by the Malaysia embassy in London. However, to be attested at the embassy, the documents might require solicitor certification and an apostille stamp. The process can be cumbersome and it is best to hire the services of an experienced and reliable legalization service.

Section 2: General Queries About Malaysia Embassy London Legalization UK

1. Why Do UK Documents Need Attestation to be Used in Malaysia?

The Hague Convention of 1961 established the process of legalisation of documents with an apostille certificate, to prove their authenticity for use in a country other than the one that issued the document. So, all member countries of this treaty accept the apostille stamp as a certificate of authenticity of UK documents. However, Malaysia is not a member of the Hague Convention and, therefore, requires attestation by its own authorised personnel in London before any document can be accepted by the authorities in Malaysia.

2. What Information is required to Get Your UK Documents Legalised for Malaysia?

To send the documents to the Malaysian High Commission for attestation, a UK citizen have to fill an application form. However, the Malaysian High Commission in London will only accept documents that have the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) apostille certificate attached to them. The documents are verified by the signatories of the embassy’s consular team, verifying the documents for signatures, stamps, and information. Missing out on any important aspect can cause delays. Therefore, it is best to hire to use a legalisation firm like Rapid Legalisation Services (RLS), with past experience in obtaining certificate attestation from the Malaysia embassy. This way, you gain a smooth and hassle-free experience of document legalisation.

3. For What Situations Will I Require Malaysia Embassy Legalisation of UK Documents?

Malaysia has emerged as a lucrative business destination for UK citizens. UK citizens are travelling to Malaysia more than ever before, to work or to conduct business. For both these purposes, UK nationals need to prove that the documents provided by them are authentic, the information is true and signatures are real. This is done by means of document attestation by the Malaysia embassy.

Getting UK documents attested helps in:

  • Signing business agreements in Malaysia
  • Opening a bank account in Malaysia
  • Selling goods or services in Malaysia
  • Setting up a new business branch in Malaysia

4. How to Legalise UK Documents for Use in Malaysia?

The process of UK document attestation by the Malaysia embassy can be completed in four steps:

  1. Checking the documents for their information
  2. Certification by a solicitor (if needed)
  3. UK apostille certification
  4. Attestation by the Malaysia High Commission in London, via embassy stamps.

Rapid Legalisation Service (RLS) can get UK document legalisation from the Malaysia Embassy in London in 3 extremely easy steps:

Step 1: Fill Order Form online and pay the embassy attestation fees.

Step2: RLS will complete the prices of official certification, including the document checks, solicitor certification, UK FCO apostille, and Malaysia embassy attestation, on your behalf.

Step3: The attested document(s) will be delivered back to you at your preferred address.

Additional FAQs

For attestation of degree certificates for Malaysia, hiring a professional and experienced service like Rapid Legalisation Services, which works closely with the FCO and London embassies, is the best course of action. They can complete the attestation process in a quick and efficient manner. Their professional ties with notaries and firms smoothen the process, including that for the attestation of a marriage certificate in Malaysia.

For legalisation, UK documents are presented at the Malaysia High Commission in London. The documents are attested by the signatory authorities at the embassy, by attaching a small certificate. For first timers, the Malaysia Embassy attestation procedure can appear lengthy and complicated. Hire a professional document attestation to save yourself the hassle.

Rapid Legalisation Service (RLS) offers various services based on the time and number of documents that need to be legalised. Based on the time of delivery, you can choose from:

  • Apostille same-day service
  • Apostille 2-day service
  • Malaysia Consular Legalisation (1-4 days)

The cost of legalising documents, including education certificate attestation for Malaysia, depends on the service type you choose, such as:

  • Apostille Same–Day Service: £135 (FCO Fees £75 and VAT £10)
  • Apostille 2-Day Service: £78 (FCO Fees £30 and VAT £8)
  • Consular legalisation: £138 (FCO Fees £30 and VAT £18)

(Note: This is the price for the legalisation of one document and includes the Malaysia embassy attestation fee.)

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